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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?

We recommend at least two bundles to achieve a look of natural fullness. For longer lengths (18 - 30 inches) we recommend 3 to 4.

What texture should I get?

We recommend consulting with your stylist based on the texture of your hair and the desired style.

How long does the hair last?

With great care your hair can last for up to a year. Be sure to shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo and deep conditioner at least once a month. Minimizing exposure to heat can also increase the longevity of the hair.

Can I dye my hair?

Yes you may. We recommend that you have an experienced stylist dye your hair to get your desired color. * We also offer custom color services.*

How light can I lift the hair?

MeKer hair can be lifted all the way up to a level 10 blonde. Again, we recommend having an experienced stylist lift the hair color in order to keep the integrity of the hair. Note: Curly hair textures will lose curl during the lifting process, but will still maintain 85% of curl if done properly.

Can I cut the weft?

We advise that you don't cut the weft, unless it's absolutely necessary. Be sure to use a weft sealant if you do, to prevent further shedding.

Can I flat iron the hair?

Yes, you may flat iron, blow dry, and dye the hair. We recommend reducing the amount of heat used to prevent damage and to also use a heat protectant.

What color are my bundles?

MeKer hair is virgin hair that comes in Natural Black (similar to 1B) and Natural Brown (similar to 2). Due to the fact that the hair is natural and unprocessed we cannot guarantee the color.

Can I get a discount?

In an effort to maintain our hairs consistency, we do not offer price reductions, promotions or sales often. We may offer a discount only once or twice a year at most.

Can I refund or exchange my purchase?

No refunds. Exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The hair must be unused and in original packaging.

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